Raffin R20/40 plays International Melodies – volume 02


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Raffin R20/40 Drehorgel plays International Melodies – Volume 2

This hand cranked Raffin Street Organ contains 40 pipes with one controlled register of 9 metal flute pipes. It was commissioned in 2003 by Ted Guillaum and built in Germany by the Josef Raffin Company.

1. The Thunderer March (Sousa)
2. Give my regards to Broadway
3. Yellow Bird
4. By the light of the silverey moon
5. Traveling Minstrels
6. Circus Renz
7. Wabash Cannonball
8. Let me call you sweetheart
9. The Mountain
10. On mother Kelly’s door step
11. Meet me in St. Louis
12. Patrone Bavariae
13. Our Director March (Bigelow)
14. In the Summertime
15. Tavern in the town
16. A bicycle built for two
17. Musical Clock (Hayden)
18. Four Leaf Clover
19. Selections, The Magic Flue (Mozart)
20. Cherry pink & apple blossom white
21. Camptown Races (Foster)
22. El Capitan March (Sousa)
23. Yakety Sax (Boots Randolph)
24. Manhattan Beach March (Sousa)
25. When I’m 64 (McCartney)

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